How does my Cricut connect to the computer?

by MyVinylDesigner 24. January 2010 22:37

"I am new to this site and would love to make things with these designs.  I understand that I have to purchase the SCAL software.  Once I do so, how would I get the design on my actual machine?  I don't think my Cricut came with any cords or computer hook ups."

Once you have the SCAL software, you will need to connect your Cricut to the computer with a standard USB cable.  Just take your Cricut machine into a local store that sells computer hardware and ask for help in matching a USB cable to the little port on your Cricut machine.  Your cord should have a standard USB connection on one end, and a little Cricut-matching connection on the other end.  The computer hookup should be somewhere just under or behind your Cricut.

Then, once you download our designs onto your computer, simply IMPORT, NOT OPEN, them in your SCAL software.  Then resize and cut.  You're almost there!

CLICK HERE for more info related to Cricut users

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