Making Vinyl Stencils

by MyVinylDesigner 28. April 2010 02:11

Vinyl stencils are often created for use with commerical or homemade etching creams, like when you want a graphic, name, or monogram permanently etched on a piece of glassware.  The steps for making a vinyl stencil are:


Some of the wonderful benefits of etching glassware are:

1- it keeps glass pans and casserole dishes from being misplaced at group functions

2- it's an affordable way to personalize wedding and celebration glassware

3- it's a fun way to redecorate glass tables, mirrors, and windows around the house

4- it's an inexpensive craft ... a little etching cream goes a very long ways

5- it makes an excellent large group project because from start to finish, it only takes about 15 minutes to make.  A finished vinyl stencil for a last name going on a casserole dish generally retails between $2-$4 per last name.

Just follow the application instructions for your etching creme, which can be commercially purchased at most craft stores.  Or, make your own etching cream from the various recipes found online. 

CLICK HERE to view our how-to etch glass tutorial

CLICK HERE to view an inspiring slideshow of etched project photos

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